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2014: A Year of Progress

This year marked a time of great progress in eradicating hunger across Colorado. Through innovation, collaboration, partnerships and the power of community, our state is breaking down barriers to provide all Coloradans with access to needed nutrition through healthy, affordable food. Some of the year’s highlights include: Connecting more Coloradans to food resources like food […]

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First day shopping with food stamps

First day shopping with food stamps

“People often assume that our first shopping trip would have been demeaning or sad to me. On the contrary, I can’t talk about federal nutrition assistance, or my first experience using it, without smiling,” wrote Dr. Robin Dickinson, a physician, mother, wife and participant of Hunger Through My Lens. “Walking through the store and loading food […]

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Why our work is more vital now than ever before

I toured two food pantries recently on a Thursday morning, and it was an eye-opening experience. We first visited Community Ministry of Southwest Denver. There was a woman pushing a shopping cart picking out her food. In the cart was a small girl – it made me relate to my own situation as I have […]

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50 years of SNAP

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps, has helped struggling Americans access nutritious food, lifted millions out of poverty and supported our economy for the past 50 years. View this USDA infographic about the history and impact of this program that continues to improve lives and strengthen communities. Then, read our […]

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