Making Sure that No Child Goes to Bed Hungry

By the time children arrive at afterschool programs, lunch is a distant memory. Their growing bodies need food just to get through the afternoon. Without it, children feel run down, their attention span shortens, their ability to learn diminishes, and they have difficulty fully participating in afterschool activities. Many afterschool programs run late into the evening – some stay open as late as 9 pm on school nights – to keep children safe and supervised while their parents are at work.

For many years in Colorado, afterschool programs could only receive a small reimbursement for snacks served to children in their care. Afterschool programs often had to scrape together the funds to serve enough food to keep children well-nourished and attentive. This was often a struggle for cash-strapped enrichment programs, particularly programs that served older youth that have higher caloric needs. Now, thanks to the recent Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, afterschool programs can provide a nutritious evening meal to the children in their care.

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