Showing Sincerity

volunteers“The happy phrasing of a compliment is one of the rarest human gifts and the happy delivery of it another.” – Mark Twain

Recognizing our 35 wonderful volunteers is a way in which we can offer our sincerest gratitude for their volunteerism. We try to find out what motivates each one of them and ensure that they get the most out of their time with us. Many of our volunteers are with us because they are passionate about helping others. It isn’t necessarily because the people they are helping are less fortunate, but because there are volunteers that are in similar situations. Our volunteers want to share their knowledge with others, too. When volunteers are happy, we have better retention and results. Our volunteers have assisted with 1840 SNAP applications in October alone. The average length of time that a volunteer spends with us is about 7 months. There are a few volunteers who have been with us for quite a while. Horace Fears, Abhilasha Prasad and Erin Binford have been with us for one year, and Christal Htoo has been with us now for two years!

Please join us for our Volunteer Recognition Holiday Party on Friday December 13th at 11am to help thank our Hunger Free Colorado volunteers!


Maryann Long, Food Assistance Program Associate- Lead Trainer for Hunger Free Colorado.


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