It’s the holiday season…

with the whoop-de-do and hickory dock.

The holiday season brings visions of a table full of delicious food and loved ones.  We travel from near and afar to gather in merriment, sing carols, play games, and most prominently EAT.  When I’ve asked my friends about their holiday plans, most explanations include where and when they will enjoy food: brunch with the family, big dinner, open house with hors d’oeuvre.  My family is all relying heavily on my mom, and dad with his new grill, to prepare some delicious treats.  But whether it’s prepped in time for guests or our favorite treats are prepared is neither here nor there to the fact that we have food.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this Christmas everyone had enough food?

Those not having to worry about how to purchase their next meal can pay great amount of attention, and stress, to buying presents.  Albeit nice, we can live without presents.  I love this story below about a boy who realized this at a very young age.

The Christmas tree, above, was drawn by a young boy, age 6 or 7, at the Avalanche game.  His father was excited to see the paper plate campaign because he’s been trying to teach his son about families who struggle to provide for their needs.  When his son realized that some families don’t have enough money to buy food to eat,  let alone presents, his son went directly to the tree and picked up a package address to him and said, “Here, we can give them this!”

What if those that provide, be in Santa Claus, mom and dad, or safety net programs, could ensure that families had their basic needs met.  I have this picture in my head of a Christmas tree, decorated with lights and ornaments, with an overflowing amount of nutritious food underneath.  Included under the tree would be decent wages, affordable healthcare, and a good public education for all.  I hope your Christmas is filled with many blessings, including both nourishment for the body and soul.  And next year, I’m planning on being on my best behavior so that Santa – being parents, communities, politicians, professionals, academics, etc. – will bring America what it needs.


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