7 years and counting until we’re no longer needed

social-media-7th-anniversarySeven years ago on October 5, Hunger Free Colorado officially launched from a merger of two nonprofit organizations to bring a stronger, more unified voice to the issue and solutions surrounding hunger across Colorado.

It all began at my dining room table with one employee. Since then, we have grown in staff and impact as we move towards our vision of nutritious food being understood as a basic human right. Our team of staff, board and volunteers-and the countless number of people who collaborate with us-work on constructing a strong foundation, so people can weather life’s storms. Not only are we connecting Coloradans to needed food resources, but we’re working to fuel change in systems, policy and social views every day.

We launched the Hunger Free Hotline in 2011, which has connected more than 43,000 Coloradans to food resources ranging from nutrition programs to food pantries and meal sites. We played a key role in the successful Colorado Campaign to End Childhood Hunger. We advocated for the passage of key legislation to improve Coloradans’ access to needed food, such as shortening the food stamp application from 26 to 8 pages; setting up more Colorado students for success with Breakfast After the Bell; and improving food stamp administration, which received unanimous backing this past session. We supported the launch of the Colorado Food Pantry Network in 2015. And, we facilitated and expanded Hunger Through My Lens, a Colorado-based photovoice project that provides a platform for the real-life experts of hunger to share their photos and stories.

This is not an exhaustive list and only touches upon the power of community, innovation and collaboration. THANK YOU to all who have helped move our state forward, so we can ensure every Coloradan has access to affordable, nutritious food.

Though these accomplishments are noteworthy and showcase the progress made over the past several years, there is still much work to be done. And you can help us get there.

In recognition of our 7th anniversary, here are seven easy ways you can take action this month:
  • Shop at Whole Foods Market on Monday, Oct. 24 (which is National Food Day!). All Colorado stores will donate 5% of the day’s sales to benefit Hunger Free Colorado.
  • Join our online action network to stay informed and connect with your elected officials.
  • Share our Hunger Free Hotline (855-855-4626) with others.
  • Follow and share our social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Participate in the Food Stamp Challenge and try living on a limited food budget for seven consecutive days.
  • Contact us to start a conversation about ways that we can collaborate to address hunger in your community.
  • Make a donation to Hunger Free Colorado.

I hope you will join me in creating a hunger-free Colorado. And, I hope one day to say that we aren’t celebrating another anniversary because our organization is no longer needed.

Kathy Underhill
Hunger Free Colorado



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