A Message From Your Neighborhood Food Truck

photo 1“Working on Your Neighborhood Food Truck has been an amazing experience.  Last week I was at a site and a young man came to visit.  He wanted to thank us for providing him a lifeline.  With our assistance, he was able to keep food on the table over the past two months.  He was excited to share some wonderful news.  Not only were we able to help him to keep food on his table, he was able to find a job and no longer needed assistance.  This story reminds us that it is important to remember that those in need are not only a number but a face, a life, and a family that we have had the opportunity to help.  Your Neighborhood Food Truck is in the front lines, doing its part to help the lives of those Coloradans that might need help.”

Doug Vega,  Food Assistance Program Associate- Mobile Outreach

If you would like to learn more about Your Neighborhood Food Truck and find out when it will be in your area, please visit our website.


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