An Innovative Way to Feed Children this Summer

Yesterday, District 11 launched their mobile Summer Food Service Program in Colorado Springs; Child Nutrition Associate Alex Bergland explains the cool ways District 11 is feeding their kids this summer.

Today was such a great day; I got to follow a mobile site route to different mobile home parks in Colorado Springs! The day started out with us at Wasson High School, where we were able to see the morning routine in the kitchen preparing the meals for the day, and loading up the trucks.

District 11 has come up with a few innovative ideas to help serve kids in their community during the summer. One thing that they have done is converted a school bus into a mobile site truck due to limited resources. They also have a mobile bookshelf that travels from site to site so that kids are able to get a free book while getting a free nutritious meal! Last year, they received 1,500 donated books for this, and this year they are expecting to receive about 5,000, which would be wonderful! Also, they have a greenhouse nearby, where they grow tomatoes, rosemary, lettuce, squash, and so much more. This ensures that kids are getting fresh nutritious food during the school year and summer, and it is so great to see their “out of the box” mentality of ways to help serve kids!

The next stop was at a mobile home park, where we were joined by Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters team, and about 100 kids from the community. I got to dress up as a HFC peapod and pass out stickers to the kids while they were waiting in line for lunch. The kids each got a carton of milk, barbeque chicken breast, cornbread, mashed potatoes, and watermelon. Cooking Matters put on a short demonstration about making healthy affordable snacks, and they had a couple of kids volunteer to help them make apple banana peanut butter tortilla snacks; which were delicious!

All of the kids I spoke with that they come to the site for lunch every day and almost always enjoy the food. District 11 has done a great job by employing engaging and fun people to stop at these sites. Many of the kids knew the workers and have a great relationship with them. This mobile site proved to me that SFSP is a manageable program and really is win-win for everyone involved. Much thanks to District 11…keep up the good work!



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    Little kids need care…