Breakfast in The Classroom: A Continuing Success

Skyline Vista Elementary School, Westminster

Another veteran Breakfast in the Classroom program began last Fall in Westminster. Skyline Vista Elementary School is in its 13th year of offering breakfast after the bell. With only three kitchen staff and a small kitchen, the school makes it easy, and the positive school culture surrounding breakfast was evident during my visit.

Students pick up breakfast baskets and take them to class, then bring them back when they are finished (within 30 minutes). Approximately 62% of students were participating last April.

Teachers engage students in various tactile learning activities during breakfast, such as math warm-ups, writing exercises describing the texture of their food, and reading nutrition labels. I even participated with students as they paused and stood for the Pledge of Allegiance. They also listened to school announcements while they ate.

One of the 2nd/3rd grade teachers I spoke with stated simply that breakfast in class was just part of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: taking care of students’ basic physiological needs will fuel and strengthen their capacity toward self-actualization:maslov

Breakfast in the Classroom is a definite contributor to student creativity and problem-solving at Skyline Elementary. If you’re curious for more information, just ask! Skyline is open to visitors wanting to checkout their breakfast program.


Abby Isaacson, Breakfast Ambassador, Hunger Free Colorado


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