Celebrating National Volunteer Week!

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All the way to heaven number eleven. B 11, that’s B11. BINGO! An excited lady boasted excitedly amidst tables of balloons, potted flowers, and smiling people. Lots of smiling people all here for the Arapahoe Volunteer Appreciation event during National Volunteer Week. This was the scene I was greeted to as I stepped out of the snowy April evening and into the warmth of the Littleton conference room. Once I checked in, I surveyed the crowd to find my fellow Hunger Free Colorado co-workers. Donita Rafferty, Erin Van Patten, and previous VISTA Tess Dokus were all in attendance along with Mellany, one of our steady volunteers at the Arapahoe Department of Human Services. We were all here for a night of celebration in recognition of the Hunger Free Colorado volunteer program that partners with Arapahoe Human Services to alleviate hunger in Colorado via federal nutrition programs.photo (3)

To give you a little background on the program, our volunteers act as Information Ambassadors in the main lobby to assist clients through social service programs and facilitate their needs for community resources. Largely due to the strong core of volunteers we have, Hunger Free Colorado was recognized that night by being awarded the Exceptional Volunteer Group of the year. After accepting the award, pictures were taken and hugs exchanged to commemorate the night. A big congrats goes out to all those volunteers at Arapahoe that have made this program such a success.

Written by Hannah Rogers, Food Assistance Navigator and Americorps Vista for Hunger Free Colorado.

*National Volunteer Week was from April 21st-April 27th, 2013. Arapahoe County recognized Hunger Free Colorado volunteers for their service during 2012. These volunteers assist clients looking to apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as SNAP, at the county’s Department of Human Services.



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