New poll: Colorado voters support addressing hunger, investing in food stamps

Everyone is at their best when they have enough to eat, but there are many life storms that make it difficult for Coloradans to afford healthy food. Having enough food supports the foundation for optimal health and well-being throughout our lifecycle. Nutritious food helps babies develop, gives kids the energy to excel in school, reduces the risk of chronic diseases in adults, and keeps seniors stable and independent.

Federal nutrition programs, along with state and local counterparts, play an important role in connecting people of all ages, backgrounds and zip codes to needed food. By working together and supporting people throughout their lives, we can ensure everyone reaches their potential, which benefits all of us.

According to a new statewide voter poll from Hunger Free Colorado, there is overwhelming, widespread support to address hunger and fund programs like food stamps, federally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP.

Hunger remains an important issue, and Colorado voters believe more should be done by the government. Not only are voters willing to invest in an efficient, effective government, but they want taxpayer dollars to solve real problems and support Coloradans who are trying to weather one of life’s unexpected storms.

This is the organization’s third statewide survey conducted by Kupersmit Research, and the data continues to uncover the same clear insight: Hunger is a nonpartisan issue with widespread support.

Voters of all stripes want stronger, smarter programs to address and eradicate hunger. They understand that working people struggle to make ends meet and recognize that bad luck or a downturn in the economy can affect anyone. The poll also shows that Colorado voters want solutions and progress that ensures programs like food stamps are as effective as possible, perhaps because they might need to rely upon such support to weather an unforeseen storm themselves.

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