Fairview Elementary Breakfast in the Classroom

bic 2For school staff in Denver looking for a veteran, after-the-bell breakfast program to observe, Fairview Elementary is the place! This ECE-5 school has been offering Breakfast in the Classroom to its students for 11 years. For the first ten of those, staff delivered breakfasts to three floors, without an elevator!

Another notable aspect of their program is that the small kitchen staff does not collect breakfast coolers when students are finished eating; instead, a student from each of the 16 classrooms is responsible for quickly bringing their class’s cooler back to the carts outside the kitchen. (For the ECE and kindergarten classes, facilities staff brings the bags back.) Students rinse and recycle their milk and juice cartons, as well.

One teacher I spoke with applauded the opportunity that Breakfast in the Classroom has afforded her students to learn and practice life bic 1skills, such as communication, taking turns, and being responsible for their own clean workspace. Another teacher addressed the more underlying purpose of the program: hunger alleviation – “For some kids, it’s the only food they eat. They come to school hungry.” Congratulations to Fairview Elementary for over a decade of meeting students’ breakfast and learning needs!

Abby Isaacson, MPH, serves as one of the Breakfast Expansion Ambassadors for Hunger Free Colorado. Learn more about the organization and school breakfast programs by visit www.hungerfreecolorado.org.


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