First day shopping with food stamps

better than candy 300x169 Our News“People often assume that our first shopping trip would have been demeaning or sad to me. On the contrary, I can’t talk about federal nutrition assistance, or my first experience using it, without smiling,” wrote Dr. Robin Dickinson, a physician, mother, wife and participant of Hunger Through My Lens.

“Walking through the store and loading food into the cart seemed surreal to me. Cheap food is brown. Our cart was filled with a rainbow of foods, many of which my baby daughter had never eaten before. She may not have understood, but she knew the rest of us were excited. She giggled as she hugged the cucumbers to her chest. The checker smiled and asked if we were celebrating someone’s birthday.”

“‘No,’ I replied. ‘We’re excited to have food.’”

Read the rest of Robin’s story that she contributed to the recent poverty issue of YES! Magazine. Four Hunger Through My Lens participants also shared photos and stories in the magazine to shed light on the reality of hunger.


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