Four Corners Breakfast

Posted by Amy Hartline, Breakfast Consultant in Mancos, Co.

For kids like Douglas, starting the day with breakfast at school makes all the difference! Six year old Douglas began his morning at Mancos Elementary School with two sandwiches, two cartons of milk and two servings of fruit. He could hardly hold a conversation because he was so busy eating. In this small, rural community the local schools provide an invaluable resource to families, such as Douglas’s, by providing the nutrition that is not always available at home. 

In addition to meeting basic needs, Jeanette Hammons, Mancos School District’s Nutrition Director, reports that starting the day with breakfast provides a sense of community and connection for the students in her school. From kindergarten students to high school seniors, eating meals together is one way in which this small town helps to build community while meeting basic needs of children within the school.



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