Hunger Free Colorado CEO receives national anti-hunger advocacy leadership award

Wheeler Wellstone AwardKathy Underhill, CEO for Hunger Free Colorado, was recognized with a national anti-hunger advocacy leadership award earlier this week. The “Dr. Raymond Wheeler/ Senator Paul Wellstone Anti-Hunger Advocacy Leadership Award” was presented by the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) during the 2016 National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference, hosted jointly with Feeding America in Washington, D.C. The annual award is given to an advocate who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the fight against hunger.

Kathy Underhill is a nationally-known expert on federal nutrition programs and policies, and she has extensive experience in addressing food and nutrition needs at the state and local levels. Her anti-hunger work spans two decades, and in 2009, Kathy helped launch and continues to lead Hunger Free Colorado. The statewide, nonprofit advocacy organization connects people to food resources and focuses on systemic, policy and social change, so all Coloradans can access healthy, affordable food regardless of their zip code, age or background.

“Not only has Kathy’s work created change across the state, but she has also served as a model for anti-hunger advocates throughout the nation,” said Jim Weill, president of FRAC. “Kathy Underhill and Hunger Free Colorado are helping to support a stronger anti-hunger movement across the country, and FRAC is proud to call them a partner in our work to end hunger.”


About the “Dr. Raymond Wheeler / Senator Paul Wellstone Anti-Hunger Advocacy Leadership Award”

Dr. Raymond Wheeler, an eminent Southern physician, fought throughout his life against hunger, poverty and injustice. His findings led to the publication of “Hunger USA” and a prime-time CBS documentary called “Hunger in America.” Dr. Wheeler’s efforts, both in North Carolina and on Capitol Hill, led to the expansion of the Food Stamp Program in the late 1960s. In recognition of his central role in fighting hunger through public policy, FRAC named this award after Dr. Wheeler in the 1980s.

Senator Paul Wellstone focused much of his extraordinary energy and commitment on eradicating hunger and poverty in America. Wellstone challenged the nation to stand up for children and challenged his colleagues to reject the stereotyping and misinformation about those struggling with poverty and hunger in America. In recognition of Senator Wellstone’s passionate, eloquent and steadfast championing of the needs of low-income Americans, FRAC named this award after him, as well as Dr. Wheeler




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