Prevent Food Assistance Cuts in the House Budget

Help stop massive cuts of $400-$500 billion to programs, such as food stamps, that help Americans access the fuel they need to thrive!

The U.S. House Budget Committee is convening to draft its budget resolution for Fiscal Year 2018. Numerous sources substantiate that the House is seeking to make these cuts in order to offset the costs of tax breaks for the wealthy and for corporations. This would mean irreparable damage to programs like food stamps that support millions of Americans of all ages in building a strong foundation to weather life’s storms.

Contact to your Representative and deliver this message: Coloradans do not want such important reinforcements taken from low-income families and given to the wealthy.

With enough pressure on Speaker Paul Ryan and House Budget Chairwoman Diane Black,  we can possibly prevent damaging cuts from ever making it to the House floor. We need this pressure to come from all Members of the House, and action now could prevent many battles ahead.

Please take a few minutes to reach out to your Representative, especially if you are served by a Republican Member of Congress (Buck, Coffman, Lamborn, and Tipton).  Your ask will be easy, but also incredibly vital for saving programs like food stamps from historic and irreparable harm:

  • Urge them to: Oppose any budget that includes “reconciliation instructions” that would create a fast-track process to force cuts to programs like food stamps or Medicaid, in order to offset revenue losses from tax breaks.
  • Say: Hunger Free Colorado’s voter poll shows that 5 in 8 Coloradans, of all political affiliations, oppose cuts to programs like food stamps that support close to half a million Coloradans in reaching their full human potential. OR, Hunger Free Colorado’s voter poll shows that 2 of 3 Coloradans oppose the federal government cutting programs that address hunger to balance the budget. 

Your call, email, or social media post could be the tipping point.

We’re so incredibly grateful to have you in our corner.

Director of Public Policy
Hunger Free Colorado



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