A New Year’s resolution to be a part of the solution to end hunger in Colorado

Give Peas a Chance - Help End Hunger in Colorado

Since launching in 2009, the state’s leading anti-hunger organization has made progress—thanks to hunger-free champions like you. With the support of great leaders and visionaries, committed partners and collaborators, and community supporters who serve as strong ambassadors and advocates, Hunger Free Colorado continues to break down barriers and increase access to adequate, nutritious food for all Coloradans.

You have helped us make major strides with several of our initiatives to end hunger, as you can read in our annual report. But we cannot end hunger in the state without community support.

That’s why we ask: Can you consider making your New Year’s resolution to be a part of the solution?

Start off 2013 with a promise to make a difference for the more than 800,000 Coloradans at risk of hunger right now.

  • Be a champion for the issue and solutions surrounding hunger. Arm yourself with information so you can help raise awareness about hunger in Colorado as well as the solutions to solve it. Talk to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Share hunger facts and stories. Ask them to get involved.
  • Take the SNAP Challenge. Live on $4.56 per day for one week—the weekly allowance for the average Coloradan receiving benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Share your experience with Hunger Free Colorado and others. Write a guest blog post about the challenge like other hunger-free champions., and then continue the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Become an advocate and contact your member of Congress. Urge your representatives to support legislation that helps—not hurts—families and individuals struggling with hunger. Help End Hunger in Colorado
  • Volunteer your time in the fight against hunger. Anti-hunger organizations across the state need volunteer support throughout the year, including Hunger Free Colorado. Use your free time to make a difference in someone’s life.
  • Share the Hunger Free Hotline with more people. If someone you know needs food assistance, please encourage them to call the confidential hotline toll-free at (855) 855-4626. The multilingual, statewide resource assists people in locating both public and private food assistance programs in Colorado.
  • Have a hunger expert speak to your group. Invite a representative from Hunger Free Colorado or another anti-hunger organization to speak to your community group, church, civic organization or company. They can share stories and insights as well as how organizations are addressing hunger through social change, policy change and system change.
  • Pack your own lunch and make a donation instead. If you usually buy lunch, brown bag it for a few days throughout the year and donate the money that you would have spent to Hunger Free Colorado or another local anti-hunger organization.

There are sustainable solutions that can be made through collaboration, social change, policy change and system change, so people don’t have to worry when and where they will get their next meal. We will continue to make progress in our state, but there’s much more work to be done and we can’t do it with your support.

What do you plan to do in 2013 to help fight hunger?

About Michelle Ray

Michelle is the Director of Communications for Hunger Free Colorado.


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