Radio Disney and Undersecretary Kevin Concannon help launch Loveland, Co. SFSP site

Undersecretary Kevin Concannon and I in HFC's Pea suit, at the SFSP launch in Loveland, CO.

Yesterday’s launch event was another great success! It was held at Sarah Milner Elementary in Loveland, and seems to be a successful Summer Food Site thus far. Today’s lunch was a slice of pizza, fruit cup, salad and milk. The kids also had the option of choosing a sandwich or larger salad instead of the pizza. While they were eating, I was able to go around and talk to some of the kids, and all of them said that they come to the elementary school almost every single day for a free meal during the summer; which is great! I had the honor of wearing the Hunger Free Colorado pea costume at today’s event and that was a lot of fun because the kids responded to it very well.

There were a lot of people that came out for the event that we owe our thanks to. Undersecretary Kevin Concannon and the superintendent of schools were able to make it, which was so wonderful!  Radio Disney was in attendance as well! They had a stage set up in the cafeteria to pump up the kids and get them participating in some activities and games. There was a lot of music, dancing, basketball, hula hooping, healthy eating trivia, and so much more…Such a great day overall!



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