The Proposed Federal Budget is Scary!

We’re in a scary situation. Congress is currently fast-tracking a budget resolution that hands out $1.5 trillion in treats as tax breaks to primarily the wealthy and corporations, with that deficit offset by ghoulish cuts to programs that give families a strong foundation to weather life’s storms.

The Full Story

On Thursday, October 19th, Senate Republicans narrowly passed (51-49) their budget resolution. On Thursday, October 26th, the House voted to pass the Senate budget on a very slim margin (216-212). The Senate budget did not contain harmful cuts to vital work programs like food stamps, but does create a start point for $1.5 trillion in tax breaks for corporations and the wealthiest Americans. These breaks will have to be offset by deep cuts to other programs, like food stamps and Medicaid.

The budget was set up to operate under a fast-track process called “reconciliation” that means it is filibuster-proof, and does not require a single Democrat vote to pass. We should expect to see the final budget and its included tax provisions on the President’s desk by the end of December.

Hunger Free Colorado will continue to create advocacy opportunities for our community to engage with their Members of Congress to protect these programs. It is our hope that you will sign-up for our advocacy alerts if you haven’t already and stand with us in future opportunities in the months ahead to fight against clandestine attacks on low- and middle-income Americans.


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