SNAP-Up Challenge bringing healthy food resources to those in our community

snap challengeThis was the first year we offered the SNAP-Up Challenge. The purpose of the Challenge was to engage the community and get as many organizations involved as possible in helping connect their community members and neighbors to food resources such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). It’s estimated that more than 800,000 Coloradans are at risk of hunger—from children to seniors. SNAP provides an average of $137 per person for a qualifying family to purchase additional groceries that meet their family’s dietary needs. This money helps to provide meats, dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables that may be otherwise costly and out of a family’s budget.

Many organizations including non-profit organizations, food pantries, health centers, and more, stepped up to the Challenge to learn how to offer SNAP to their community.

These organizations participated in a 3 month SNAP-Up Challenge to either refer folks to our state-wide hotline to receive assistance with SNAP or to take on signing people up for SNAP themselves at their own locations.

We are very happy to announce that so many more families were connected with SNAP through all the participating agencies hard work and dedication to ensure families receive SNAP benefits.

During the Challenge, sites worked with families who were very thankful for the extra help the agencies could offer. A mother of 2 who had recently lost her job was able to sign up for SNAP with the help of an agency employee, saving her time and energy and a trip to the county office. Other families were helped by calling the hotline and finding out where the closest site to them offering SNAP application assistance was located.

The SNAP-Up Challenge will be coming to you next February and will be helping bring families additional food resources that can help to lift them out of poverty or prevent them from having to choose between paying rent or buying groceries.

Below are a few pictures of the sites that helped connect the community to SNAP during this year’s 2013 Challenge. Great work!

Amanda Garrad, Food Assistance Program Manager, Hunger Free Colorado.


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