Starting the Day Right

As part of a recent purchase of life insurance, I was required to visit a lab to have blood work done. When I learned that this process required 8 hours of fasting, I naturally tried to get the earliest appointment possible. Apparently I was not the only person with that idea, and I was forced to settle for a 10 am appointment.

Starting the day without breakfast or coffee; how bad could it be right? By 9 am the headache started, and my desire to cheerfully greet co-workers was well below normal. And, despite having several items on my to-do list that require focused thought, I found myself drawn more to the short and fast items, and my mind was jumping from one task to another even within that list of short tasks.

I know that I would not want to start every day like this. Unfortunately, it is the reality for thousands of Colorado’s kids each day. When a child does not get an adequate breakfast, attention problems, moodiness, headaches, and a lack of interest in learning are the result. I hear about these outcomes frequently as a staff member at Hunger Free Colorado, but to experience them myself brings a new level of desire in seeing universal breakfast in every school in the state.

If you are still unsure of the impact school breakfast has, spend a day in the same situation and see how you feel.


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