The Power of Voice

I came across a young poet, Raevaughn Johnson aka Rae of Hope,  on YouTube today. He made many pointed statements that made me think deeper about the handling of hunger in America. He performed his poem at the Brave New Voices poetry slam in San Francisco. Listen to his poem and his handle on words:

A few memorable quotes:

“Sometimes he puts an ‘E’ on the end of IHOP to get ‘I hope’ that tomorrow there’ll be food in the refrigerator for him and his mother and brothers to eat”

“PSA– People Starve in America”

“Derek wants to eat at home”

“Someone’s stomach is in knots because all they went to bed with was food for thought”

“PSAPossibly Stimulating Actions that will cause people to be grateful”

“Food is food Derek is just happy to eat”

“PSA– People Stop Assuming that hunger is dirty, lazy, reeks of alcohol, homeless, anorexic-Hunger looks like me and my older brother, Derek”

“PSAPeople Stop Analyzing so pride will stop starving America”




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