Why I’m so happy these ladies are MAD

Earlier this month I had the great pleasure of meeting a lot of MAD women.

The M.A.D. (Making a Difference) ladies are a group that puts an engaged philanthropic spin on “book club.”  They research issues in the community, identify non-profits that are working on the issues, do their due diligence on the organizations and then decide to help support those groups whom they feel are also “making a difference.”  Hunger Free Colorado was one of three non-profit organizations that were supported this year.

The M.A.D. ladies hosted a wonderful get-together in early September to introduce their friends and families to their selected organizations, including Hunger Free Colorado. The evening was full of fantastic food and meaningful conversation, as well as new friends and fundraising.  The MAD ladies even found “angel donors” to provide matching gifts for up to $5,000 in new donations for each organization.

The M.A.D. ladies and their friends are amazing people, and it has been quite an honor to receive their support this year—from volunteering and fundraising to promoting awareness of the issue of hunger in Colorado.

As a board member for Hunger Free Colorado, I must say we are so grateful to have been included in this event, and so honored that they chose us as an organization worth their M.A.D. support!

So, what are you MAD about?


Dr. Sarah VanScoy
Board Member, Hunger Free Colorado


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