Work without Working

At my regular Thursday site visit, I managed to sail through the reading program right into lunch interacting with the children and parents. They’re so enjoyable that it’s hard to believe I get paid to do the work. In fact, I don’t really consider it work. It’s not hard; it’s easy to build relationships and spend time with special people. Work, by its definition, takes an effort.

This is why I don’t work when I am at work at a food site: I don’t use sustained effort; I don’t feel what I do is laborious;  and it’s not a duty. I suppose it is part of a larger activity, but I’m certain everything we do in life should be part of a bigger picture. I guess if I look at what I do that way, then everything we all do is work. My point here is that I love visiting summer lunch sites and am blessed to have this position.

As usual, I spent the lunch time meandering and conversing with the children and families between their bites of food. I love all of their smiles, waves and giggles. They have great stories and special lives. So, when one family presented me with a gift complete with box and bow, I felt overwhelmed. It’s not my birthday and I didn’t do anything to deserve a thank you. I am sitting here now, wondering why they were so thoughtful and blessed me. Some people are just awesome and like to think of others. What a joy it is for me to “work” with so many lovely people.


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