Morey Middle School on its way with Breakfast in the Classroom

I visited Morey Middle School’s new Breakfast in the Classroom program yesterday, and even with a broken elevator, a nutritious breakfast made it to the desk of every student who wanted it. Cereal was the clear winner on that morning!

Since starting this fall, breakfast participation has jumped from 31% last April to 68% in November! Morey’s kitchen manager, Tracy Young—and the entire school staff—deserves applause for going above and beyond to make Breakfast in the Classroom run smoothly this fall. She says communicating with teachers about students’ preferences and about Breakfast in the Classroom procedures is key.

Morey’s classrooms and student counts change every trimester, making breakfast delivery slightly tedious. Tracy has become organized enough to keep track of how many students in every classroom eat each breakfast item. She has made extraordinary accommodations and adjustments to reduce waste as well as please students and teachers in every classroom. It’s been work, especially with items made from scratch, and she will have to readjust every trimester; but, you can tell she is proud of their success!

While there is certainly room to grow—for example, with 7th and 8th grade classroom roster completion—twice as many students are being fed a healthy breakfast now compared to when breakfast was offered in the cafeteria before the bell.

When prospective parents take a tour of Morey to decide if they want to enroll their children at their school, they get to see and hear about Breakfast in the Classroom. It is certainly an appealing feature that all schools should consider, not only as a family recruiting tool, but also as a proven method to meet hungry kids’ needs as well as improve academics and behavior.

How do you think a nutritious breakfast helps children succeed in—and out of–school?


Abby Isaacson, MPH, serves as one of the Breakfast Expansion Ambassadors for Hunger Free Colorado. She visited Morey Middle School on Dec. 6, 2012. Learn more about our work and school breakfast programs by visiting


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