Cucumbers Stand Up to Monsoons

Harvest is starting at Bridges of Silence. The students’ hard work is paying off beginning with cucumbers. It’s amazing to think that through the past week and  a half of monsoon weather complete with sheets of rain, pounding thunder, lightning sparkles and even damaging hail, the Bridges of Silence garden is healthy and productive. Soon, they will have enough produce to begin their farmer’s market. Until then, they share their treasures with those around them.

I have been impressed with the use of the Bridges’ backyard, which is entirely for the garden. This brings new meaning to the term “backyard garden” and inspires me to make changes in my yard next year. How much time, water and money do I spend on useless green grass in the yard? Even keeping half the grass and planting produce on the other half, I could provide organic fruits and vegetables for my family and others for most of the summer. The garden at Bridges is beautiful and peaceful leaving no one yearning for grass.



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