If Kids Want to Play, Colorado Miners Makes a Way

While the Colorado Miners youth program has been in operation since 2004, the Colorado Miners Community Center (CMCC) only opened its doors last August. The mission of Colorado Miners is “To inspire a sense of responsibility, self-worth, confidence and leadership within young athletes for themselves, their families and their communities.”

This community recreation center opened by the program has it all: indoor gym, workout room with aerobic machines and weights, game room, video games, board games, computer lab, kitchen, outdoor playground and a dance/boxing studio. I’m not sure if the amenities or price impress me more, as children are free and there are minimal fees for adults and students. While the Colorado Miners focus on children, the CMCC is meant for all community members.

Colorado Miners President Randy Perkins wants to see the children living safe, active lives. In order to reach out to the community and serve its children, CMCC provides a summer meal Monday through Friday. Brenda Wright, who started as a volunteer at CMCC fell in love with the community and now works there full-time. She sees a need for the community and would like more children to take advantage of the summer meal program and community activities. Brenda will do just about whatever is needed for those children.

Today, one young five-year-old came to the center an hour before lunch. He had not gotten breakfast at home and couldn’t wait for lunch. So, Brenda found him an extra apple to tide him over for an hour. When lunch finally arrived, I watched as many older boys complained about various foods on the plate that they didn’t want. This young boy, however, did not complain and ate everything given to him.

When visiting summer meal sites, it is plain to see children who need the food program more than others. The voracious eaters who don’t leave a scrap on their plates and then wait, with longing, for second servings or extras are different from some of the children who pick and choose what to eat off their plates.



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