Mayor Joyce Downing of NorthGlenn visits Adams 12 Summer Lunch Program

Today I visited Westview Elementary in Northglenn with Mayor Joyce Downing and Chris Sjolin of Adams 12 Enterprise Services. We had a delicious lunch of pizza (with lowfat cheese and whole grain crust), green salad, fruit salad, a whole wheat roll, a frozen 100% juice pop, and milk. It was terrific to get to talk about everything going on in Adams 12, including new recipes, breakfast in the classroom, and of course, summer food.

The fruit salad was a new recipe that was being tested. It contained watermelon, strawberry, cantalope, orange, kiwi, fresh chopped mint, lime juice, and a bit of honey and sugar. The school chef polled the children who ate the fruit salad if they liked it. He got an overwhelmingly positive response. Out of the 83 children he asked, 79 said that they liked the fruit salad. One child I spoke with gave it “Four stars!”

We had a great time talking with the parents and kids. Word got out among some of the students that the mayor was present – and they began to line up and ask for her autograph! Mayor Downing is a mother and grandmother and graciously signed papers -including a few summer food menus- for her many fans and junior constituents.


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