So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night

Sometimes it’s tough to say good-bye and today was one of those times as it was my last day to help prepare lunch at Bridges of Silence. Today was their last day of school and, consequently, the summer food program. This final day for Bridges consisted of weeding, harvesting, playing games and eating. Watching their wide eyes as they saw the large harvest of squash, cucumbers, bell peppers, collard greens, lettuce and tomatoes all from the last two weeks was exciting for me, too. Even though summer school is over, their farmer’s market to benefit the neighborhood will be good to go next week sometime.

Saying good-bye to this site and others in the area is common right now. Many sites which are still open in August (around 130) will be ending this next week as well. Few sites remain open through August. It is hard for schools to remain open during this time as maintenance needs to be done so the schools are ready for the new school year. For this summer, 44 sites across Colorado are open until mid or the end of August. While some schools begin in late July or early August, there may still be thousands of children who are not being served a nutritious lunch since the food sites are closed for the school year. Community sites are now asking about extensions as they come to a close but see the sweet faces of children who want the program to continue. So, if you are a site that is closing soon but would like to stay open longer, contact your sponsor to see if it is possible to remain open a couple more weeks.


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