Turkey Sandwich with the Greatest Diva of All Time

Turkey on whole wheat English Muffins, salad, carrots and chocolate milk- that’s a lunch that will do a body good. This lunch was served at the Bridges of Silence childcare center where Aretha Franklin’s song, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, bounced into my head and has been repeating from my lips since I left Bridges of Silence this afternoon. From the greeting when I approached the building, to every child who waited with a meal until all people were served, to the children interacting in their afternoon activities, respect and acceptance was the cultural norm. Have you heard or experienced the verbal expression, “I can see it in the eyes”? Today it was true for me. Each person I met was respecting the people and place. Even as I left the building, I glanced back one last time to Miss Lisa’s respected and respectful eyes.

I can’t wait for each Friday this summer when I get to help prepare and serve lunch to so many welcoming faces. Let me leave you with a little jumpstart to your day or afternoon or whatever time it is while you are reading this blog…sit back, relax and truly enjoy the greatest diva of all time.


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