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GUEST POST: Month-long Food Stamp Challenge

“Finish your food because there are starving kids in Africa.” This is what my mother used to say to me as a young girl. The reality is that hunger is not only an issue in developing countries, but believe it or not, it exists in our local community. To say living off $4.14 a day […]

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Guest blog post: My experience with the Food Stamp Challenge

As a registered dietitian working in public health, food insecurity (lack of access to adequate food) is something that I talk about almost every day. Ironically, I have never actually put myself in the shoes of individuals who are dependent on supplemental food programs like SNAP/food stamps. When I was told about the Food Stamp […]

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Guest blog: What I learned from taking the SNAP Challenge

The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) is the federal food assistance program, also known as food stamps, and to be eligible for this assistance, a household of two must take home no more than $14,712 in total net annual income. My wife and I recently took the seven-day SNAP/Food Stamp Challenge, in which participants must […]

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Guest blog: Trying to maintain active lifestyle with only $4.56/day (SNAP Challenge)

Roughly 72 hours earlier (from the date I started this blog), I began Day 1 of the SNAP Challenge (aka Food Stamp Challenge). Let’s be clear: I’m not trying act as if I’d understand what it’s really like to live a life of poverty where living on food stamps is only part of the struggle. […]

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Guest blog: My week with only $4.56 per day for groceries (SNAP Challenge)

I participated in the SNAP Challenge, which encourages individuals to live on the amount of money that is provided to those on food stamps—the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). It’s done in an effort to raise awareness around the more than 50 million Americans facing hunger and food insecurity each day. (Learn more about SNAP here.) I […]

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Guest blog: Shopping, cooking and living on $31.92 for one week (SNAP Challenge)

In college, I learned right away that I knew little about cooking and I could hardly afford to buy the needed food when I found a recipe I wanted to try. Recently a coworker posted a photo of the food she purchased during the SNAP/Food Stamp Challenge posed by Hunger Free Colorado to Leadership Denver. […]

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