Help us win a grant—the Walmart Associate Choice Program of Colorado

Hunger Free Colorado is one of three non-profit organizations selected for the Walmart Associate Choice Program of Colorado — a statewide voting contest through Monday, Aug. 6, for associates of Walmart and Sam’s Club — where the first-place charity will receive a $50,000 grant.

The Walmart Foundation sponsors the annual Associate Choice Program in all fifty states, and the Colorado program will award a $50,000 grant to the non-profit organization that receives the most associate votes during the designated voting period of June 30 through August 6, 2012. The second-place charity will receive $20,000 and the organization in third place will get a $10,000 grant. The state’s grant winners will be announced at the conclusion of the voting period.

Whether you are an associate or not, you can help us ensure that no Coloradan goes hungry.

For Walmart and Sam’s Club associates in Colorado, VOTE NOW for Hunger Free Colorado to become the 2012 first-place grant recipient for the Associate Choice Program. You can vote online at or on the WIRE through Aug. 6, 2012.

For non-associates, encourage your community’s Walmart or Sam’s Club associates to vote for Hunger Free Colorado via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks. Here are sample posts:

Want to help end hunger in Colorado? Share this post with Walmart and Sam’s Club associates. If they vote for Hunger Free Colorado in the Walmart Associate Choice Program, they could receive a $50K grant!

Are you a #Walmart or Sam’s Club associate? #VoteHFC as the Associate Choice & help end hunger in Colorado. Pls RT!

Learn more about the grant contest and share this blog post with others. Thanks for your support!


(Please note that Walmart does not permit solicitation of associates on Walmart or Sam’s Club property. If you wish to speak with someone at one of their locations about Hunger Free Colorado, please only talk with the store or club manager.)


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